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jegHegy posted on Mar 26 2006 at 03:50 PM said:
do NOT get a Maxtor, i repeat, do NOT get a Maxtor!@#$
Haha. I have a maxtor. They always fail, but they are dirt cheap, and I backup alot, so.
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damn, dont know what to get :p

Its between the Seagate Barracuda 250gb or Western Digital Caviar 250gb...

Both are SATA2 and Both are 7200rpm and Both are 16mb Cache.. Only thing different is the Seagate has 11ms and the WD has 8.9ms and the WD is £3 cheaper..

Which is the best quality?? Which would you go for if you had the choice?
Steve-O posted on Mar 26 2006 at 12:11 PM said:
going for a Seagate Barracuda ;)
Sounds great! Even though Seagate just bought Maxtor! :D

I always use WD. I've got a 6-year-old drive chugging along perfectly here.

EDIT: What luck! I see your second post. Get the WD one :D though it probably doesn't matter yet.
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LOL brand bashing, bless.

I go through a *lot* or hard drives of various brands, He's buying a graphics card with a machine attached, the hard drive is currently a cheap component. He's actually been quite thrifty which is why I've tried not to comment.

but seriously if reliabily is an issue, buy best value becuase they always fail, in a short time they will be faster, quiter, cheaper, and soon will have solid state storage see Vista.

Raid is free etc etc. Get 2 hard drives, don't fuss about the brands.

buy cheap;buy two and except that they will have to replaced sometime.
I don't know, touch wood none of my hard drives have fucked up in five years or so and they're all run of the mill Seagates or WDs.

Here's another problem: the 7900 GT from lowestonweb says '71 due on 30/04/2006'. Problem is, you don't know if those 71 have already been pre-ordered (the number isn't going down) so I can easily see myself ordering one but then having my order delayed.

That said, I just realised that if it IS delayed I could potentially cancel, so I guess I'll order it now.
hhhmmm are you looking at the right one??? Mine says -

"70 due on 30/03/2006"

oh and when I first saw the card it said "53 due on 30/03/2006"...

Im guessing its a Retail card, I dont see anything mentioning "OEM" on the page..

Once I Submitted my Order for the Graphics Card, Its ok to remove my Credit Card details from the Stored section in my Account wasnst it?? Should be as the order has been submitted and received by them with all the details plus when I goto the order tracking it still displays my order receipt with the last 4 digits of my credit card number on...
If it's the XFX one then yes, it stayed at 71 for ages. Bought it anyway.

They just sent me a mail saying my card has been authorised, so I assume you can then remove it. I don't see the point, though.

You could just check to see if they've charged it. From their website:
When your order status is displayed as In Progress and up to the Invoiced status you will be required to send an e-mail request via the order details screen. This is required as the order may have been charged to your card and will require a refund or the goods may have been despatched and we may not be able to stop the order from being delivered.
Mine says 52 now...

Ok, my Email says -

Your payment has now been authorised and your order will now be despatched as soon as possible (subject to stock availability).

So I take it the Payment was successful and it was ok to remove the card details... Removed them as my Mum hates having card details left on sites incase someone gets the password / email adress and goes on a shopping spree with the card :p
It appears to have changed, yes.

You can def. take your credit card details off now, if they still needed them they would stop you from removing them.
Well, I have used Lowest on Web before and they were EXCELLENT :)... Ordered some Speakers one morning and they were here next day :D Hopefully it will be the same for the graphics card :)
They authorised my card near instantly, which is great given that it can take up to 3 days. Now I sort of regret opting for next day delivery if the free delivery would end up as fast.

Out of interest, what kind of PSU are you getting?
dropped to 48 now... surely this must be because people are ordering them?
I just recieved an email from them confirming that that is indeed the number left, after preorders. So you WILL get the card on Thursday.

Cant wait :)

is your order status still saying "In Progress" ???

Hopefully it will arrive by Saturday along with my stuff from Novatech :D
I have stuff from OcUK coming on Friday, with a little luck the lowestonweb stuff will arrive then, or maybe Saturday... but I bought next day, not saturday delivery.

I bought an Antec 350W case+psu bundle because I don't like to spend too much on the case. Sounds low but that 350W provides 25A to the 12V rail, and I only need about 17 of it - I could have gone lower.