Need help with Baldur´s Gate 1 & Icewind Dale


Oct 28, 2012
Please, forgive me if I am not posting this in the correct section of this board (and forgive my english, I'm not a native english speaker).

I need help with the games "Baldur's Gate 1" and "Icewind Dale 1". I'm using gemrb 0.71 with a 1GHz Pandora.

Baldur's Gate 1:

The game comes with auto-pause enable for almost everything. I go to the menu to disable this feature but when I resume, the game does not apply the changes. The same goes for music and voices volume. The only thing I can change is the scroll speed. I've tried the CD and the GOG version of this game.

Icewind Dale:

When I have created the character and push the start button there is a blue screen for a secon and then the game exits to the Pandora screen.

Don't think I'm being lazy. I'v searched on google a lot and it seems I am the only one having this problems!!??

Edit: Ok, searching on google "gemrb 0.71" I've seen that a member of this forum (PowerGod) has (or had) the same issues. At least I know there is nothing wrong with my Pandora or my games.

By the way, there is a solution for the auto pause issue: you have to add a line in the file "baldur.ini" that is inside the game folder. "Auto Pause State=0" I'm not sure if you have to add it in the [Game Options] section or in the [Program Options] section, but it works. It could be a temporary solution until all the issues are properly fixed.

I've managed to run Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment, and more or less all of them have the same issues.
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Try a different build?

Two different people have built them. 0.6x and 0.71
Hello kingoddball, I've tried gemrb 0.65 and 0.70 (if this is what you mean). I've downloaded them from Repo but 0.65 does not work on my Pandora and 0.70 runs worse than 0.71. I have never played a decent rpg like these and I was looking forward to try them a few days ago, when I khew about gemrb for Pandora. But it seems I'll have to wait.

Nevertheless, I'm very happy with my Pandora. The first reason I bought it was to play ps1 and graphic adventures games, and both emulators (pcsx rearmed and scummvm) run perfect. It seems incredible to have a portable ps1.
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Copy ALL data from:

/appdata/gemrob/PST/data and just put it into the root of /PST/
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Thank you for the info, kingoddball, but I knew that. It solves the blue screen issue in PST but not the options menu issues.

Although, as I've said in the first post here, there is a way to solve the auto pause problem in Baldur's Gate 1. I've tried it and it works, but I prefer not to play the game like this and wait for a proper fix of all the problems because I could spend many hours with the game and reach a poitn where I cannot continue due to any of these issues... :(

Or maybe I'm being selfish and I should play the game to help fix problems...
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