Need help remembering some game names


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Jun 20, 2011
Hi, there was those games I played many many years ago (maybe 1988) on a device that I don't remember... so I'm not sure if it was a console or a computer...

Here's a list of everything I remember about the games and the device:

- The games were on a tape, with many other games (I'm not sure if it was something pirated or not), and you where starting them by fast forwarding the tape until the correct position and then press play when the device was ready. (Mostly like on a C64, but definitely it wasn't a C64... I don't remember it had a keyboard, but I could be wrong)

- One of the games was a shoot em'up with vertical scrolling, with spaceships mostly like Galaga but with only one color each... every type of enemy had a particular color (no shades or other colors, just one for all the sprite), and that color was the same of their shoots (but I'm not sure here)...
The background was either black, or maybe with just "stars" (random white pixels)

- The other game was still a shooter but with a penguin, and seems very similar to "Antartic Adventure" for the MSX, but you didn't jump and the penguin was shooting pink (?) balls... also maybe it was in CGA or something similar because it seemed to have less colors than the previous game
Pink Balls?
Maybe this One?

MSX had a Tape like C64..
..maybe your Shooter ist here:
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The aspect of the shoot is very similar, it was just less detailed, maybe them wheren't exactly circle, but polygons with many angles to resemble balls.
The background was almost empty, like just white (or maybe whit some stripes with a lightly darker color to show that you were moving forward) with just the line of the horizon, very similar to the following image, just more simple and without water.

For the shooter it was vertical scrolling, and with a really more simple graphic than Gradius.

Also I have seen images of the MSX, and them tells me nothing... it doesn't seems that device to me... somehow I have in mind something like an Atari console, but surely it wasn't...
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