Munich may drop Linux and return to Windows

Unless "par ordre de mufti" is reinstated in Bavaria (which is not as ridiculous as it sounds like) the mayor can't really do much about it as there are several instances in place (like the council or the financial committee) he would all have to persuade. As far as I have heard his biggest gripe is that his iPhone (or anyones using this particular infrastructure) currently isn't properly integrated.
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Most users are even not capable of using their Computer ...   Just count the amount of toolbars, malware and unwanted stuff on their 'user-friendly'  M$ desktops.

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Linux as a desktop is terrible for the average user though.   The desktop has improved greatly over the years but it is still behind windows (Well perhaps not 8 anyway) and they are probably looking at productivity costs.

There is a reason why windows dominates the business end of things.
Yeah, Windows 7 is unrivaled as the operating system for a single-user consumer set up. Nothing comes close. Even if you were to consider OSX a credible alternative Windows beats it on the sheer amount of software available alone. That said, it's definitely unusual that a goverment agency would prefer Windows over Linux in this context. Politicians are mostly the lowest end of users who use computers out of necessity so I can see why one would rather everything be Windows based out of sheer familiarity. The real question is "Who's decision is this?" I doubt anyone who has to deal with and support those users would unequivocally choose Windows over Linux.