Multichanels Digital Audio Output Accessories


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May 3, 2010
Paris - France
First of all, I would like to think the whole community and the OP team for making the Pandora adventure possible. I discovered this community with the first GP2X and I am following all threads several times by day. (My girlfriend always blames me and complains about it but she becomes to love the Pandora as much as me)
the Pandora is the perfect child that the community can expect. I am so glad be part of this aventure and I am waiting to receive it as many of us.

The possibility of the Pandora is huge and I would like to focus on the possibility of a Multichanels Digital Audio output.
I plan to use the pandora on the go but also connected to my tv and my Home cinema.
The Pandora has the ability of 720p video (or at least DVD quality until the DSP can be used) but for really enjoying a DVD or HD video the availabilty of a 5.1 (or 7.1) sound is a necessity.
So, I was looking for a cheap usb to spdif adapter ($30) which is able to passthrough DTS/DD and I found this one:

which is compatible with linux (at least for stereo) but the passthrough function seems possible using xbmc:
As xbmc has been ported to the Beagleboard, it should be available soon on Pandora.

Does someone already test this accessory ? and can tell me if it is compatible.
Or does some of you, are planing to port drivers to make passthrough usb sound card compatible ?

I know that the maximum quality provided by the Pandora is S-Video but with such accessory combined with bluetooth controller (wiimote) I can fully replace my dvd player and can do so much more than it can !
mplayer can do passthrough, and the generic linux driver for USB audio should be enough to work, nothing special here as far as that's concerned, so whatever works in linux with USB sound cards works on the pandora.

To make it work with mplayer you can try this:
mplayer -ac hwac3'