Mobile Phones In Uk


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Jan 31, 2006
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Hi everyone
I recently got a new job and with a new job comes a new phone, well only since the pay is higher.
Anyway i have two good offers ive seen
One is the latest Nokia N91(when it comes out) on contract with orange for £19 per month for a year i think.
the other one is in the link, you get a moto slvrL7 and psp giga pack for £30 per month for 18 months.
anyway they both seem rather good deals and i was wondering what everyone else thought. I already have a ds and gp2x so i wonder if i really need a PSP and i could use an mp3 player as i still go around with my retro CD player.
And if anyone else knows of a good deal, let me know please.
Thank you in advance :D
Not bad, only core system though
and i know its only 5pounds more than the link offer, but 35£ per month is starting to become expensive.
Im no businessman either im a part time sandwhich artist (as they like to call me) in subways. haha.
its an offer w :D rth thinkg about though
thanks for that