Looking For The Longest Lasting Batteries For Gp2x.

if you really read the whole thing, why didn't you read the 3rd post then where i stated i got them from ebay?
They look real to me :eek:

If I got those batteries what charger would I have to use? I have a charger that does 2600. 2900 would be too much for that charger right?

Thanks for the link mdinire :)
I bought in ebay spain an Eyepower 2950 batteries. 5 €+ 4 €= 9€ total.

I get 5 hours with DrMD at 260 mhz.

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i think the biggest problem many people have is that they just do not charge their batteries to their full capacity. i have 2 normal chargers (so no quick charger thingies) and they one charges with 150mAh and the other one charges with 125mAh. and thats for 2 batteries inserted so i think it's cut into halve when i put 4 inside. so i have a charging rate of 75mA per hour. so in case i have 2700mAh batteries it takes them 2700:75=36 hours to charge.

and i guess many people just leave them in there overnight (10 hours maybe) and complain about battery life.
rcgroups.com is a radio control hobby site. you can find zillions of posts about batteries there, with VERY objective testing. have to dig to find the stuff for us, AA isnt a popular form factor for 'real' rechargables, but the info is there.
I use Energizer 2500mAh Rechargeable Batteries, readily avaliable at many stores. I don't have any numbers but they do seem to last a good while... long enough to own just four.
I have just ordered 4x 3200mah MaxCell AA batteries from an eBay shop together with an 'Ultra High Speed' charger with LCD for EUR25.

I hope they're as powerfull as the high mah number suggests.
3200? You had better hope they fit in the gp2x as they pushed the size on the 3000mah ones so that they only JUST fit.