Logitech Wireless Gamepad Drivers?


Still Fresh
Apr 4, 2012
Redmond, WA, USA
I used to run SuperZaxxon Beta 3 (booting to old 2.6.27 kernel so that USB would work straight away), and I was able to use my Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad to play games. I've now upgraded to SuperZaxxon Beta 5a, and the gamepad no longer works.

All of the other USB devices seem to work, except for game controllers (keyboard, mouse, flash drives, etc. all work fine). The Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad has both DirectInput and XInput settings, and neither seem to work now, where DirectInput worked before. I even tried a different wired controller with no luck.

So, my question is, seeing as all USB devices seem to work except game controllers, is this a problem now with controllers in general under SuperZaxxon Beta 5a, or with my particular controllers' drivers no longer being present? I reflashed to my old firmware and it works again, but reflashing to the new firmware then breaks it.

I am plugging in through a 7-port High Speed USB Hub, and with everything plugged in at the same time, all but the controllers work fine. Any help would be much appreciated!
UPDATE: I have discovered that my gamepads will work with SuperZaxxon Beta 5a after all...as long as I boot to the older kernel 2.6.27. Unfortunately, the TV-Out quality while booting to the old kernel is much worse than when booting to the newer one [it is pretty pixelated, but only in one direction...].

So here's what I've found. TV-Out looks much better with the new kernel, but you sacrifice the ability to use USB gamepads, and even start PicoDrive when Overlay mode is enabeled (and there is no way to switch once PicoDrive has launched). The old kernel TV-Out picture quality is worse, but you get to play your games on the screen with an external USB gamepad.

Would someone be able to figure out why gamepads work with the old Kernel, but not with the new? I'd love to play Playstation games in good quality while having access to conveniently placed L2 and R2 buttons that some games need.

Ps. Why won't PicoDrive boot with TV-Out Overlay mode enabeled in the newer kernel?
Yeah, it's a real shame we must use the older kernel to use gamepads. Especially since the most usual reason to use pads is when you are playing with your friends with a big screen and the TV output is then much worse. This really should be fixed soon.