Life In A Day - Ridley Scott


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Mar 9, 2010
Just been watching this on, I didn't realise it was by Ridley Scott though, or that what I saw was part of a larger 'film' which has been done around the World.

I see now it's a couple years old already and been on YT but I never knew of this.

Was good I thought, I'll have to watch some of the other Countries ones now, assuming they are subtitled.

[edit] - Amended title
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ehem... yep, that's the one :)

I've changed the title now to correct this, cheers.

What I actually watched yesterday was called Britain In A Day, this:

...which is a follow up to the feature film, Life In A Day.

As per that link, it's actually directed by BAFTA winner Morgan Matthews ... to give him his props.

It must've said on the end credits that it's a follow up to the Ridley Scott one, which I must've just caught a glimpse of, it did just catch my eye and I thought 'that Alien bloke'

I've not seen Life In A Day, I want to now, will watch it on YT when I get a moment too, the one on BBC2 last night was pretty interesting too I thought though.

You have 6 days left to catch that on iPlayer if you find yourself with 90 mins and nothing else to do