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Sep 16, 2008
LDk retrogame system another amazing handheld you can
buy it below


New bittboy V3 units in stock at retromimi get your orders in while stocks last. RetroMiMi:BITTBOY, LDK & MORE https://retromimi.com/collections/all?aff=5 Use code 'happy2019' for 20% off bittboy(edited)


For people in the UK, LDK , BITTBOY & MORE use code 'DX10' for 10% off here:https://droidbox.co.uk/gaming/retro-gaming-consoles.html?acc=44f683a84163b3523afe57c2e008bc8c

Screen: 2.6 inch 4:3 240*320
CPU: JZ4760B mips
RAM: 128M DDR2
Internal memory: 16GB
Battery: BL-5C 1020 mAh
lithium battery

Hi all there is only (V2 Bittboy) now to get a 20% discount for a limited time offer only
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Screen:2.5inch ips 320x240
CPU: F1C500S 408Mhz~900MHz
16MB SPI Flash
Battery: Replaceable
700mAh lithium battery

My fan Websites for the bittboy & RS97 LDK (find all cfw & mod downloads here)


My Discord https://discord.gg/FzCeqvt
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Without commenting on the quality of this product,

What the hay is the deal with chopping the height of these consoles so short? Gracious, and I thought the Bittboy was short!
These are great devices and i can honestly say i much prefer this over the RS97 now.
Why do so many companies like the original GB design over the GBA design? With comfort and shoulder buttons the GB design is obsolete. The GB came out in '89, a year before shoulder buttons. Why do these cheap Chinese companies insist on making everything designed after the GB when all the games they're emulating are designed with shoulder buttons in mind? Is this just a fad? Do they think they'll sell more? Is it just easier to copy because it is just a brick where to get the same recognition from a GBA design they'd need to copy the shape and possibly get sued by Nintendo? I just don't get the obsession with copying the GB over the GBA.

It isn't just Chinese companies but also others I know, just a lot more coming from Chinese companies.
I guess the original GB shape is just more iconic. It survived in the market for 12 years from '89 to '01 in various guises (although by the late 90s we were all playing on our new GameBoy Pocket edition consoles, and nobody's making anything that thin from what i've seen). The first edition of the GBA only lasted on the market for two years before the SP came along. The micro GBA came out two years after that, although from what I've seen they continued to produce the GBA SP alongside it.