GP2X Just A Ponder


Nov 17, 2005
Just wondering how far away the GP2Xs hardware actually is from a pocket pc setup ?
I know the licence would be horrendous well i think it would be but the list of games for pocket pc is huge and they run quite well on my Axim but the GP2X would just be so much better (Controls that you could actually use properly for starters)
Anyway it was just a thought and i was interested in others thoughts here too.
It's about half the power of most mid range and top end of PocketPCs so that would be a minor limit on the games that you can play, also the lack of battery backup and a tocuhscreen will also write off another chunk of games.

A dev should give you a more technical answer on the actual ins and outs of the hardware.
Well my Axim is 624mhz but i run everything at 208mhz including all games to save battery power, Infact if i run 3d games like Apache vs Hind i have to run at 208mhz and run the game in slow for it to be normal speed heheheheh, What you have to remember is that most games for pocket pc are coded with the loest common device in mind, 200mhz is just about the standard for games on the pocket pc, You also need to remember that the touchscreen itself is not used in at least 50% of the games and when it is used it only works well for puzzle games and such, You can use it for buttons in racing games and so on but these can be mapped to hardware buttons anyway.

I dont think it would ever be likely to happen but if it did it would have some great games ready to go for it.
i would've thought that the GPx2 would run much better than a pocket pc without Windows hogging up resources. My pocket pc goes 232mhz and can't even run NES emulation as good as my GP32, but the commercial games are much better than anything the GP32 has, but that should be expected as their commercial.
2D games shouldn't be any problems on GP2X and we have seen some 3D as well. It's hard to compare power between the units. GP2X uses 2x200MHz ARM UPUs that have 2D acceleration but no FPU. And who knows how much power the OS of each system consumes, but there seems to be ways to have the GP2X boot without Linux.