Is my Panda cool?

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Dec 19, 2012
Cái Bang
I broke the LCD cable and the inner lid of my 1GHz Platinum Pandora.  So I ordered the LCD, a platinum inner lid and also a black case (as a spare).  But when the order came, the inner platinum lid also cracked.  So I replace the whole thing with the black case.  But I didn't like the black case all by itself so I thought to myself what if I mix and match the parts from both black and platinum.  Wow!  it turned out a really cool mixup! :D    Check it out.  If you like it you should buy extra case and do it yourself.  I suggest Dragonbox Shop to make this and sell for a little more (like $10 bucks?) :lol:  .  What do you all think?







Similar mixing and matching has been done before,  (see here)   but I think you are the first to take the idea to its full potential. :)
I gotta say, it looks good!  Well done! :D
- Neelix
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I like the contrast, looks lovely! the case someone pulls out a pandora and impress the crowds, you can do even more with that mod!

Congrats on the work!
My mix-and-match Panda still functions the same as originally designed,  but hides all the imperfections at all the joints which makes the unit way more professional and doesn't look like it comes from China (even though it was made in Germany)  :D    I'm loving it  :p

As you can see I didn't just change the shoulder buttons and the battery lid, I disassembled the entire unit and replace all the small pieces.

One warning though, it's hard to do if you're not EvilDragon  ;)  since I'm certain that you will break something.
It kind of reminds me of the car I had in High School.
very nice, i want one
You can do it yourself, but I recommend you buy two inner lids just in case because that inner lid cracks very easily.  I found that the black inner lid is more flexible than the platinum inner lid and so the black one is harder to crack.

It kind of reminds me of the car I had in High School.
See!?  This is all about Retro because it brings you back your good old days  :D
I think this hybrid defo looks better than an all black / all chrome one.
That's almost exactly what I wanted to try, I was thinking black bezel, black keyboard control half, silver everything else. I don't have any black case components though, and I'm not enthusiastic about dismantling the screen.

Looks quite decent, actually.
All silver with black triggers looks quite nice if you're prepared to fiddle a little to make things fit right...
Silver case with a second pair of black shoulder buttons looks nice and is useful.

I hope all future Pandora Generations can look this cool. This reminds me of my mid-level Stainless steel stove which is part stainless steel and part metal, except that your OP looks way cooler. Maybe there should be a "pimped out Pandora" competition. I imagine a surface-mount OLED in the case showing cool graphics would be in order if someone hosted such a competition.
All silver with black triggers looks quite nice if you're prepared to fiddle a little to make things fit right...
Yes.  I had to use a knife and scrapped off some of the plastic from the black triggers.  Otherwise they got stuck and wouldn't spring back out after pressed.
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