Is Internet Possible?


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Jul 17, 2008
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I enabled the usb network, the web server, the ftp and the Samba (I dont know what samba is though).
I can now see through ftp the contents of gp2x but I dont understand the stracture. Its different from the one I used to see (now I cant anymore) when I connected the gp2x with the usb cable.
I also transeferd a site in usr/gp2x/www and I can see it in my pc.

What I m asking is if its possible to install a browser in the gp2x ( I tried the and have internet through the usb connected to the pc and how?

Can you please tell me if I can control my gp2x trough my pc and if I can watch a movie stored in my pc?
There is gp2x vnc to control your 2x via vnc. You can download a vnc client to your pc by googling for "vnc".(If you're using a linux distro with a decent package manager, you can simply install vnc package)For internet access, you have to share the connection of your pc with your 2x. Honestly, i don't know how to do it but it should be easy. You can google for it or wait for someone to tell here.