Internal Memory F-200


Still Fresh
Mar 1, 2008
Excuse the bad English, most not speak very well.

I bought the model F-200 that with the 4.0 firmware, most not yet have a SD Card ... And wanted to access the internal memory to install at least one emulator and some roms ... I am not achieving more. There are no options in the menu, and even using the usb cable not find a solution, there is a way to access the internal memory?
Does that mean there's no more /mnt/nand directory at all, or even more so, that you can't mount it yourself? Maybe you could transfer stuff to/from it once you have it on a memory card by using a program capable of doing so (can gmenu2x?)
You can use scripts et al to mess with the nand, but of course, you still need an SD card to use them. Without an SD card, you would need to get networking gong on the F200 to be able to change the nand's contents.
borrow sd from somebody (from photocam) and place emu using shell script. But you will need to change launching scripts of f200 also.

I hope that gph will not close hacked access to another half of ram in future firmwares