Ideas For A Summer Competition

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I agree with Jan-Nik on all points, except for the bonus points prices on which I am double-minded.

@GBAX2010: If they organize another big contest it would be a shame if this one ran at the same time as it probably won't get noticed then.
But this is Craig, so a simple announcement like that does not mean it is happening for sure ;) (one should probably check back with him though).

Some people I would be happy to see on the jury (as I don't have any hardware - except for a PC - to test stuff on, so I am really just considering myself as a back-up ;) ):
Jan-Nik, PokeParadox, iprice, Eniko, Pickle, JayFoxRox, Cpasjuste, and other people I forgot (In no particular order)

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I'm gonna bump my question.

Our team is ready for the contest, so I hope it won't be called off ;)
I will try to set up a website in the next days.

We still have to "find a trusty Community member to deal with the donations"!
How about Mali? One of the most trustworthy members here in my opinion, and also a moderator, with a lot invested in the community.

Obviously if he doesn't want to handle the money, that's fine, just reckon he'd be a good choice.
Yeah mali's fine if he wants to do it, there are lots of other trusworthy people here also :) .
Shall we try and avoid a clash with the GPH contest though? If GPH's thing happens, it will dwarf whatever this turns out to be. Maybe this would be best for September/October.
If i remember correctly the GPH contest is about emulators.
This contest is more about genuine games, amirite? :)
Additionally, isn't the GPH contest limited to Caanoo entries only?
Sorry, I would like to tell you to start developing immediately, but there are too many uncertain factors atm and some points are not entirely clear, too. (also I am not in charge ;) )
For example we would have to see what's up with Craig and GBAX. Then there is no head-organizer (I would say it's Magic Sam, but he repeatedly said he only wanted to get the ball rolling, which I understand) - we would have to choose one.
I could do one or both of the above, but not now as I have too much work to do - speak to me again in a few days, if nothing has been settled until then.

Then there has not been a donation pool for the prices, yet. Sure one could do that while the competition runs, but participants probably would like to know what's in for them before they start with the work.

Until these points are not cleared there, this competition cannot and should not start. So I think it should be postponed for now (until Sep 1 or Aug 08 for example).
But it has to be done quickly or interest will fade and other new will overshadow this one.

I think the rules and guidelines are pretty good as is and don't require any fixes. How judging will take place can be decided while the competition runs.

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Hey guys,

I have been on vacation for the last couple weeks, and as this is in "other stuff" i just didn't notice it until i saw the link on under the gp32 and thought "what is this? ... aaahh!"

I think a lot of people do not browse this section.

Anyways, Let me take the ball.

I suggest we have a meeting on IRC to iron out the final details. What i would like is a small "committee" of organizers. I will send out a few PMs, and then post back with a date and time so anyone can participate.

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Good to see this competition is finally taking off (or will soon) :)

@u9i: If you need another man, give me a shout

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WizardStan said:
Summer's over. It'd have to be a fall or winter contest now :p
"XMAS'10 Competition" ?

From mali's profile:

mali is busy with real life stuff ;)

Maybe we should fine someone else...suggestions ?

EDIT: what about sebt3 ? He's been doing a lot for the Pandora recently :)

btw, any volunteer to be head organizer ?

@ foxblock: I haven't heard a word about GBAX2010 for months, I guess it was yet another Craig's cryptic post to raise some hype about his next competition ;)

Bye and thanks !

Magic Sam, the ball roller ;)
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Magic Sam said:
WizardStan said:
Summer's over. It'd have to be a fall or winter contest now :p
"XMAS'10 Competition" ?

With less than two months to Christmas, that doesn't give anyone much time to organise a comp, let alone to code something!
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Hi iprice :)
iprice said:
With less than two months to Christmas, that doesn't give anyone much time to organise a comp, let alone to code something!
I guess you're right ! What do you propose ? How much time do you think devs need to code some good homebrew games ?
Bye, thanks for your input !
Magic Sam

EDIT: I have PM'ed Jan-Nik about the website :)

EDIT 2: also PM'ed u9i and foxblock :)
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The problem here is not just about timing and timescale, but also about judging.

"GP2X" now covers the F100, F200, Wiz and Caanoo. It's unlikely that any judges will own (or have access) to all machines (let alone Pandora if you wish to include that too) - it won't be fair to devs to be judged, depending on the hardware that they devved for - the last contest (Lorgy's one) had wildly different results for the same game on two different machines (I developed Cat Trap for GP2X and Wiz, yet the disparity between the results was unbelievable, and that wasn't the only game with the same problem).

How can you possibly avoid such issues? Well, there is one very easy way - insist that games are produced for only ONE type of machine. But then how do you decide which one? Which has the biggest installed userbase? The most recent console? The least supported console?

If you want to organise a comp, then there's an awful lot of groundwork nees to be completed first; including - getting reliable judges, setting the rules, arranging a prize fund (and who holds it and how), deciding format(s), deciding timescale etc. etc.

It's a right doozy.