I will be getting a Caanoo very soon. I need help

Apr 2, 2024
It doesn't come with any cables. I've read where you can make a charger cable from a Samsung cable that I read works. I'm not sure if the pinout is the same and cannot find clear info. Like where pin 1 is to start testing the cable. I read somewhere you could put 5v to pin 16 and ground to pin 19. Just not sure where these pins are in the connector
Does this help?

Yes I've read that. Just not sure which end of the connector is pin 1 to make sure I have the ground and 5v on the right pins
This is for the Wiz, but it might be helpful:

On that cable, the USB 5V is also connected to the VBAT pins.

There are some changes between the Wiz and Caanoo Ext port, but as far as I can tell, they should not affect the charging. However, I have read conflicting reports on here whether the Wiz charging cable works on Caanoo.
You don't need cables to power a caanoo, you need these:

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