i need a gp32 lcd screen


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Apr 19, 2008
CANADA, Montreal
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My gp32 NLU no light edition has become defect. a few vertical lines appear. if you can sell me a broken gp32 nlu or flu that screen works last time or just the gp32 lcd from a nlu or flu i would appreciate it. or if you can tell me where to buy one.
Thanks a lot.
its pretty old hardware, my guess is that your only going to be able to get the same screen off of another gp32. So places like ebay might be your only option.
I only saw memory cards/ games for gp32 though.
im a collector too, but i still play with my gp32 nlu or flu outside in direct sunlight, because the gp32 nlu and flu are the best homebrew handheld console made to play outside in daytime or in direct sun. others handheld homebrew consoles cant do this very well.. yes i still play with them. ;)
PlayStation Vita does it pretty well.
i have a ps vita oled and slim with enso henkaku and im not satisfied at all with direct sunlight. if you had a gp32 NLU , you would know what im talking about. Take a original gba handheld in direct sunlight the result are similar with gp32. its so much better. even better if you remove the plastic screen on gba and gp32 nlu or flu