Pandora How can I use different icons in one PND file?

And on unupdated Pandoras an error occurs and no hint to upgrade the OS to get the new PNDs working. All this just for little pictures?
There are already PNDs that don't work on any but the latest firmware.   As long as the PNDs are clearly marked that they require OS version x.x I don't see an issue. I'm sure that multiple icons wouldn't be the only advantage of such a format change either.  

e.g.  with a proper wrapper format one could then (theoretically) extend the format to include more than one squashfs blob in the PND - one for SuperZaxxon, one for Debian hardfloat

- Neelix
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Another advantage of something tar-based (or some other standard packaging tool) is that you can easily manipulate them using shell scripts. E.g. if you just want to update the PXML file to fix some typo in the description, or add a screenshot. Also, the metadata (PXML, icons, screenshots, maybe other stuff) does not need to be included in the squashfs like we usually do now -- we have the icon twice, redundantly, once for efficiency and once to keep the squashfs self-contained so you can reconstruct the full PND from the squashfs alone (since it is a bit tricky to extract the PXML and icon manually from a PND).