Release Hollywood Player 8


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Jan 8, 2009
as promised here is the package for the Hollywood Player 8

The Hollywood Player is a program that can run applets compiled by Hollywood. It cannot be used to create own projects.
You'll need the full version of Hollywood to compile your own applets or executables.


Hollywood is a multimedia-oriented programming language that can be used to create applications and games very easily. One of the highlights of Hollywood is its inbuilt cross-compiler which can be used to deploy software on many different platforms without having to change a single line of the code. The cross-compiler can compile executables for all platforms from any platform Hollywood is running on.
The following platform architectures are currently supported by Hollywood:

AmigaOS 3 (m68k)
AmigaOS 4 (ppc)
Android (arm)
AROS (x86)
iOS (arm)
Linux (x86)
Linux (x64)
Linux (arm)
Linux (ppc)
macOS (x86)
macOS (x64)
macOS (ppc)
MorphOS (ppc)
WarpOS (m68k/ppc)
Windows (x86)
Windows (x64)

This PND package contain Hollywood Player 8 for Linux 32bit with some Plugins and some applet Samples ready to test.

On Pandora is running with the help of Box86 (with ARM dynarec) library by ptitSeb.


To test the 5 Samples included open the "Samples" directory and select an applet (*.hwa file), ESC to exit the applet or close the window.
The directory Plugins and Samples are exported to the appdata so you will be able to add new Plugins or new Samples.
What's wrong with using the claimed linux arm support?
Just a wild guess, it's likely compiled for armhf.

edit: ninjad by Farox

That said there is some method of getting an armhf environment on the Pandora (1Ghz only?), it's not something that can be easily bundled in a PND.
The last time i checked (some time ago) it was for HardFloat only so not usable on Pandora (probably ok for the Pyra).
It's been quite a while since the Pandora has notaz's armhf compatibility layer.
@Farox Where can I get some free games for this platform? (there is a good Steam game I found, but I just want to give it a spin)
@Farox Where can I get some free games for this platform? (there is a good Steam game I found, but I just want to give it a spin)

i don't know if there are free games coded with Hollywood, i know of the game GEMZ but is commercial and i don't know if it will work with the player or standalone (i need to test it).
I just found some free applet to test with this release of Hollywood...just search for and go to the Adult page (beware the applet/games have adult content).
I tested some and they run (after a long decompression fase), are a little slow, or have screen a slightly big for the Pandora resolution...or some have unredable text (mostly bad color choise).
So in conclusion they are really crappy examples...but they are free.