Handheld PS3 anyone?

Its a WVI, meaning wireless video interface. All it does is use a ps3 with a wireless screen and controller. It is not a PS3 in itself.

Just thought I should make this clear before people get the wrong impression
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Some of his creations are WVI (Awesome none the less) , some on the other hand are the whole hog and actually contain the system . Check out his channel on youtube and the rest of his videos
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Yes I know, I'm currently building my own portable PS1 :)
Buy a used PSP Go, hack it with PRO CFW and copy some PS1 games on it. There you go.

Total costs: 70 bucks, time invested: 0
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Is there a disc slot? Or are games downloaded using wifi?
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Awesome. I've always thought my screen was way, way too big and would jump at the chance to play an animated postage stamp!
the PSP has a built in PSone emulator its not 100% compatible with all games but most of them will work fine (even if sony havent released it for the PSP yet) but in order to load the games on the psp they have to be in the correct pops format as the custom psp firmware uses something called popsloader to alow these games to use the psp's built in emulator.
Man, a real portable PS3 would need a really heavy duty battery/power supply and some really intense cooling. That's for the ~80W newest Slim models, could only imagine what you'd have to do for the original one which ran at 200W. It's like double what the respective PS2 incarnations drew. Then PSOne only draws about a fifth of what PS2 Slim does, bringing you to a point where you can actually last a few hours with some big batteries.