GP32 .. almost 20 years old now? yikes!


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Mar 11, 2003
I was going to post .. GP32? GP2x? Wiz? Caanoo? which to use in 2020?
(OKay, I know most would just say Pandora but each has their place .. the GP32 boobies will never be forgotten, and the tiny pocketebility of the Wiz, the sleak Caanoo with the annoying analog, the GP2x with the DaveC modded stick... etc etc.. good times.)

But then I realized.. the GP32 is what.. 2000-2001? Maybe 20 years old, or was in 2001?

Either way .. *Salute* old friends :)

edit: wiki suggests " It was released on November 23, 2001 in South Korea "
Ah good old GPH Devices, they brought me to the Pandora, but unfortunily i ditnt had myself one as i ever believed in "2Months TM", or at least that the Pandora will be right around the corner, so it wouldnt make much sense to order a WIZ or a Caanoo, because it wanted to wait for the "Real Thing" rather than have another Handheld which would be useless in 2 Months (tm).. ^^
I came late to the party, just when all those devices were already been eaten by the others... but then I went to the kitchen, and saw someone that was trying some ingredients for a wannabe new recipe called "Pandora"...
I wanted to eat it right away, but he had to put it in the oven for 2 Months, so I had to wait, smelling the scent and drooling :oops:
I seem to have accumulated quite a few over the years - must have over 20 GP/GPH machines dotted around my house! Almost 15 years since my first GP2X release.

In answer to your question, clearly the GP2X is the one to use - I'm still waiting for somebody else to use the bare metal dev environment!
Devices do seem to multiply .. I used to do a lot of Palm OS development (and WinCE and so on) back in the mid 90s etc, and I had dozens and dozens of the gadgets around; probably 7-10 years ago I trimmed down tried to give away a lot of that stuff; kept the Tapwave Zodiac.. likewise kept all my main GPH devices.. I'm sure I have a GP32 BLU around somewhere but can't find it right now; gp2x various models, the Wiz dev and retail units, a pile of Pandora bits of course, the Caanoo etc; I still really like the Sony PSP with CFW ... really, that was a solid and sleak unit that still looks good as a device today, with a gorgeous if slow updating screen; some great native titles, and what was a great homebrew scene. The old gameboys etc.. those screens are just too nasty and aged badly, but the Gamepark/related devices hold up pretty well, the PSP, the Pandora.

The Pandora batteries I have still hold a charge over time, and still hold a good charge overall; the thign still runs a long time on an old battery. (Audacious mp3 playing on Pandora still to this day :)

Gotta love your homebrew gadgets :)
I jumped on the opensource handheld in 2008 when i bought my GP2X F200, after seeing a friend of mine enjoing his NDS, but i want something with more freedom and something with the open possibility to look at the sources of the firmware.
When i found the GP2X forum and found this (great) community i was sold on the F200. Great times when i try to port something and when i try to partecipate to the compos. I never won anything, my skills are really basic, but was really fun.

Next i bought the Caanoo, and then came the Pandora (i have a CC one) that still use from time to time (i have a lcd cable thats partly broken).

Next i bought the GCW Zero but this was the big delusion of all the handhelds i got.
I also bought an Android one the JXD s7300B but was collecting dust...never enjoyed much.
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Still bust out my GP32 for the odd game of rogue. My gp2x is gathering dust, although I did play a lot of sqdef on it back in the day. My Pandora gets taken on holidays mainly for playing PSX stuff.

Happy days...
hehe my pandora mostly does hand around jcloisterzone on holidays. its more practical than the boardgame itself in place with small tables :D
I think i will put my Pandora in my Display Cabinet, near the OLD Gameboy, and the Pyra Pree Order PCB, as im a bit worried about it as its shoulderbutton that is used for reflashing is now broken..

For the GP2X and GP32 stuff, whe still have GINGE on the Pandora, and maybe this could get also portet to the Pyra..
*Sigh* hard to believe it's been that long... really miss how the gp32 community was buzzing back then, 4+ main websites... compo's all the time...

I came for the backboobs and stayed for the homebrew and community...
Just been sorting out stuff I have in the loft and found this monstrosity I got on eBay years ago for next to nothing. Anybody want to confess and explain what went through their mind when they decided to do this?

Seeing this thread is rather like a reunion of sorts. I'll just wave.

Still have my GP32's and GPH devices, mind you, the Caanoo and Wiz have not held up well to time, the Wiz has suffered the common screen death. Somewhere I have a few GP32 prototypes I got over the years along with the GP2X and later ones from being involved in that. Not to mention a load of OMAP 3 and MMSP2+ boards and dev kits, some that even still work or have been running almost constantly for many years now running little things around the house.

It's been nice to get back into messing a little bit recently, mind you, one of my quests was to get a newer GCC that 4 to play nicely with the Static/OABI/2.4 setup on the GP2X and now I remember why I sort of stopped doing that years ago ;-). Easier to try and port over ScummVM to the baremetal/O2X stuff Orkie is working on.
Oops bit late in replying here.
I also miss the buzz of new releases.
On the GP32 I loved MAME and Castaway and DRSMS. Yeah the emulation scene.
im still amazed at how capable the GP32 was. And how much awesome software existed.
I still have MANY handheld of all sorts and still lovingly look at them and power them on… you know cycle the batteries for the ones that have rechargeable ones.