GP2x Wiz on FriendFeed


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Jul 23, 2006
helsinki, finland
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I read about the pandora friendfeed meta-person and I thought that it was a good enough idea to do for the wiz. Thus I present to you

Now finding news about the Wiz is a lot more difficult than what it is for Pandora. Pandora has official and semiofficial blogs and twitter, all obvious choices to subscribe to. The wiz has, well, one german dedicated blog. doesn't have RSS, so that doesn't work. Thus I resorted to brute force, google alerts feed for "gp2x wiz", youtube tag search (from for "gp2x wiz" and the german blog and tag search (for "gp2x wiz" obviously).

Brute force.. well, meh, it's the best I could do and I'll do editing/subscribing depending on if there's a reliable source/blog with information often.

Thus, where do we go from here? .. well, a planet site would be nice, but I'm bandwidth limited and I'd need to get a domain. Maybe in the future. I haven't used friendfeed like this before, as I've only randomly actually used it. But I do think river of news style is very nice and friendfeed might have a future in general. Well, who knows...

Oh yeah, please post blogs that you like.

EDIT: I did some changes, google alerts didn't show properly, so now it's got a yahoo search for "gp2x wiz review". Also groups allow plugging in services, so I created a 'gp2x-wiz' group to which anyone can post. I'll plug the searches to it next, which is redundant, but people can choose which they use. The group should more usercentric due to openness of posting.

EDIT2: I'll post this again when gp32x is up. But I forgot the link to the group: