Gp2x Speaker Mod

Somewhat doubtfull. There was a laptop speaker made by some company... Damned if I remember the name. :)

With Bose and JBL sound pro the thing making the sound great is the expansion/reflection chamber *behind* the speakers.

I had the JBL system out of my laptop and the left speaker has the bandpass coming out below the right speaker and vice-versa, so the tube travels the front of the laptop.

I doubt we will be getting good sound out of the GP2X unless you can design a neat bandpass.

I envision a mod with the case and some formed PVC tubes or something that can clip into "ports" behind the speakers and use suspension to "vent" the bass back over the top.

Just a couple U-shaped tubes that come from behind the speakers in the back of the unit and reach around to the front in the top might do the trick, heck if we design them properly and removable they can double as a stand.

The only other option I see is to create the suspension chamber internally, like a Bose Waveradio, but I don't know if there is enough room for that, it might be as simple as putting a rubber line (using some sort of sealing rubber strip like that for screen doors) down the middle and drilling a couple of small bandpass holes above the stick and buttons at the top to let the bass out.
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