GP2X Gp2x Kernel Upgrades


Oct 4, 2005
Is it currently possible to upgrade the linux kernel in the 2x to a 2.6.x kernel instead of a 2.4? There are some features of the 2.6 that I'd like to see (built in bluetooth support anyone?). Best case scenario I see the need to recompile a new 2.6 kernel configured however necessary to fit the 2x, and recompiled drivers as necessary. Do we currently have access to enough source to pull this off? would the extra overhead of the 2.6 kernel slow it down? And would this break compatability with any parts of GPH's current firmware or currently released programs?

Linux gurus, any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

(I think I might be able to compile the features I want into the 2.4 kernel if necessary, if upgrading to 2.6 would be too much of a hassle or would break functionality)
I think some low level parts are customized for the MMSP2 and might be less than straightforward to port to 2.6, but it wouldn't hurt to look into it.
2.6 is better for embedded support also, but when you find out the number of changes in the version of Linux we are using and the official tree, there's quite a lot of work to be done to get a 2.6 kernel onto the GP2X.

It can of course be done, it's just who has got the time to do it.

(People have been looking at getting Linux 2.6 ported over ever since the GP2X was released)
maybe the next firmware of GP2X will have 2.6 kernel. I think it's GameParks responsibility to make sure we have the latest kernel.
STTrife posted on Jul 4 2006 at 09:08 AM said:
maybe the next firmware of GP2X will have 2.6 kernel. I think it's GameParks responsibility to make sure we have the latest kernel.

GPH don't have any obligation to provide up to date versions of any software. They will do so if they make an update to the firmware or built-in apps that requires 2.6.
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maybe as a good start see if you can get ahold of arm-linux 2.6.x source at all then work from there... because the GP2X linux is based off an older arm-linux it might just be a good start ;)

One of the main problems might be the lack of source for, say, the gp2xmenu (why wouldn't you make a new/better menu though?) or mplayer (unless they've released a newer source version of that...)
Linux 2.4 was ported to ARM ages ago.
MagicEyes took that version and ported it to there MMSP2 chipset.
GPH/Dignsys took that and modified it for the GP2X.

MagicEye's will only support Linux Kernel 2.4.

That's why GPH are using 2.4.

I'd say they have no intention of moving to any newer version unless MagicEye's update there base distribution, which is also unlikely, as 2.4 is proven and reliable.