Gp2X F100 Out Performs Gp2X F200



I have just checked the performance of a F100 compared to a F200 with a GBA emulator and found that the F100 is far better, it ran games a lot smoother, has any body found the same thing?

GP2X F100 out performs GP2X F200
Depends on how high you can overclock each one and maybe which version firmware they are running.

I have noticed no difference in either at the same clockspeed.
Don't throw your F100 away, Pity about the thumb controller is not better.
I have found out why it is faster, It was explained to me by a computer tech, That because the F100 has no touch screen, It makes it slightly faster, The amount depends on the emulator used.
Thanks for the info. I was gonna get the F200 because of the D-pad and as a backup for my F100 but not anymore. My F100 joystick is becoming loose and flimsy, oh well, I have to learn to live with it now, I'm not getting a second F100. I doubt The WIZ will have as many emulators as the GP2X because it'll be orphaned next year with a faster handheld from GPH.
Is their a benchmarking tool for the GP2X to provide a solid case?
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