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Troy the Great

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Oct 1, 2005
If you've been looking around the gp32x forums discovering what the Gp2x is all about and have decided that you must get one of these little technological wonders; then look no further. I have enjoyed my Gp2x more then words can say; the open source functionality, the portability, the incredibly fun homebrew games, and the ability to play all my favorite classic games on the go. But unfortunately I have bills to pay and have a large work load at school. I just cannot devote the time the little guy deserves, and I need the moola.

The Gp2x Package:

♦ 1 Gp2x-F100 Black
♦ 1 Official Gp2x TV-out Cable
♦ 1 Official Gp2x Carrying Case
♦ 1 Kingston 4gb SD Gp2x Compatible Memory Card.
ASKing: $179.99...9999999

*Cheesy infomercial Voice* If you act now I will include free of charge: ♦A Usb 2.0 SD/MMC/RS-MMC Card Reader and ♦I will uber pack the 4gb card to the rim with all the latest homebrew, emulators, and more!
Condition: The Gp2x is in near brand new condition. I have kept the system in its case at all times. The Gp2x has no scratches, dents, screen issues, and it runs perfectly. Another big plus: Last time I checked, I could overclock it to 275-280 mhz. That's a way above average processing/overclocking speed for Gp2xs'.

Return Policy: If you have any issues with the system at all within 14 days(after it arrives), then I will be happy to process a return. Just send back the purchased Items in the same condition that I sent them to you, and I will give you a full refund.

About the Seller: I am not just a random person that walked into this forum yesterday, I am an honest open source enthusiast that has been on this here forum forever. Just do a search for my name to see how long I have been here.

Thank you for your interest,
-Troy the Great






You might wanna change that Rom special deal of yours into something more sublte as selling roms on an SD card is probably illegal and also against the rules of the forum. Other then that, good offer!