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Feb 15, 2003
I don't know if anyone remembers the horse racing game called GP Mastr, but I have been slowly becoming addicted to this game. Sure the gameplay may seem repetative, but its fun..especially to find out how well you can do.

So when I tried to find out who made this game, I came up with a blank.

Obviously it was a Korean Gentleman (maybe) because the game is in Korean Language.

One interesting thing I did find though is the name on the title page "Samsung Software Membership".

I did some research and at first I thought SSM was a company which builds programs and games.
I found out that SSM is actually a technical Scholarship program of sorts for students learning about programming and computer science. Its been implemented mainly in Korea, but also in Russia and other universities. I can only assume that a student of this program created this game either for fun or for a class project.

Zimba mentioned it to me earlier but, does anyone else think perhaps GamePark is somehow a subdivision of Samsung International??
Or they are somehow related.
Why would this amateur developer of GP Mastr put down Samsung Software Membership instead of his own name or company title??
Just a thought

maybe I am just shooting in the dark. And maybe I am way off....but I thought it was pretty cool knowing students are using the GamePark for technical and computer science programs.


Feb 5, 2003
Okay, I dunno that much about hardware at all, but I'd imagine all the components would be Samsung where they could be. I don't know if they make LCD screens, but I think they do make processors. Buggered if I know what, though!

I dunno if you'll find too much info if you can't read korean tho...if I knew specifically where to look, I know a guy who's korean. Only place I can meet him is in an arcade tho, so I dunno when he'll turn up, there's no roster or anything :p


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Dec 27, 2002
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I'd be surprised if they were a sub-division of Samsung, since Samsung have been around for a faily long time, and are successful.

I can't believe a company that is actually successful would allow one of its own sub-divisions to mess up in the way that Gamepark has every so often. Which it certainly has from time to time.