I think this might be a bit too complicated for me at this time, however, i am compelled to ask .

So on that note....

I already have GINGE successfully installed on my Pandora desktop. When i open it the interface comes on and i can navigate it spot on.

I do not have any emulator/ roms on it though.

I have a GP2X WIZ and was wondering if i may use the loaded WIZ 8gd sd card and insert it into the Pandora ??

If i do so, can i play those roms using GINGE?

I read GINGE is like a 'software coating' and will permit one to play GP2X WIZ games.??

I figured these games would look fantastic on the Pandora's screen and i suppose certain games would run better .??

Please no moron jokes. :p

God bless the people in Japan!!!
I'm not sure how to respond to the original posters question, but I have tried a couple of WIZ games out with Ginge on the Pandora by downloading them from the File Archive and then navigating to and opening them in Ginge.

The two I tried were Monster 2, a homebrew RPG which seems to work fine. I played it for about 20 minutes without any issues.

I also tried the WIZ port of Quasists infamous GP2x RPG, FleshChasmer: The Eve. I need to check again but I don't think it even loaded.

As a side note, the original GP2x version of FleshChasmer DOES seem to run under Ginge, but was unplayably fast (at 500 cpu speed on my Pandora) and once the actual gameplay started I couldn't control the character. I didn't spend any time adjusting clock speed or trying to figure out how the controls were mapped, but if anyone gets this to work on the Pandora that would be nifty.

I'm getting off topic but Quasists FleshChasmer Zero (GP2x version)also ran, but insanely fast.

I think I saw another thread a while ago about possibly starting a compatibility list for Ginge - has anyone actually started one? I can't find one anywhere. If not perhaps I'll start one this weekend. Wish I had more time for stuff like this.
I have to say, in all honesty, GINGE is very confusing to me. I have it downloaded and can open it via my desktop.

The interface is splendid and very straight forward. After that point i am lost [again]. :)

I thought it would be easy as peach pie.

I have a WIZ [8gb card full of wiz jiz] and thought if i put that card in the Pandy and opened up GINGE then wha lah.!! voom!!!!...those games would play.

Wrong again, unless i did not know how to open the buggers. I see the ability to navigate via the GINGE main menu/interface [colored blue with white fonts].

I would love a direct, downloadable list of compatible GINGE games and exactly how to open them. GINGE for Dummies??

In my ignorance , I thought if i have the GINGE icon on my desktop, then I could drag and drop a compatible game into there.

Actually, I don't think this post will get very much response. Reason being, i think GINGE has been typed about to death ;beating on that dead horse again....nay :lol:

Another challenge.

***Sorry i did not realize my earlier post was on here so i apologize for being a Pete/Repeat.****
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