General Shipping Question.....


Still Fresh
Mar 26, 2004
I hope someone here would be able to give me some advice, or useful info. I live in the U.S., and of course most websites that sell the gp32 (liksang, gbax, etc) are in other countries. Some websites mention that 'you may have to pay import duties or taxes' if you are an international customer, and some don't bother to mention it. Of course, when I call my local government (New Jersey) they are more than willing to send over stacks of documents for me to fill out so they can get more money. I was just wondering if there are any US customers out there who just placed an order without bothering to follow those guidelines and had their order arrive without problems. If you respond please tell me which website you ordered from - thanks!
Dude, i live in CA and i just ordered mine straight up from Lik-Sang and it came to my house in like 3 days no fuss no muss :) no import tax whatsoever
Get it from GBAX and ask them to put 'gift' on the green card this way you will avoid all tarifs.