Frozen Bubble Java Port


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Jul 28, 2008
I tried to run the Java-Port of Frozen Bubble (standalone applet) and it runs (performance wise) perfectly.
But as I am not a JAVA Programmer and don't have experience in compiling java-apps, I could use some help to get this ported.

There are some things that have to be done:

1. The game needs an option to start fullscreen. You can make it fullscreen with the icon on the top left (thats even needed to see anything) but you can't start up in fullscreenmode.
2. The Sound doesn't seem to work right.
3. There is no button to quit the game. That should be added.

So if anybody thinks these are only some minor changes to some .java sourcefiles, and that he could do it, then please help to bring this cool game to the pandora.

JAVA Port homepage with sourcecode download:

Anyone can try the precompiled jar file from this website with WizardStan's java.pnd