For Sale: Gamepark Gp32


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Jun 6, 2012
Hello Guys,

I have just listed one of these onto ebay.

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"Here we have a GamePark 32 GP32 console for sale.

If you have come searching for this, you should have a decent idea of what this bit of kit is capable of.

If not here is a list of some of the features:

Retro Games emulator - Can run emulators for many old school games consoles, includging the 8bit era NES and SMS, BBC Micro, C64 etc. and 16bit (Sega Megadrive - Sonic shown in picture).

Homebrew software - There is a community online that discusses and creates games and software for this system.

Media Player functionailty - The GP32 can be used to play movies and can also be used as an MP3 player.

For more information, I recommend the GP32 wiki

This GP32 also comes with a handy carry case that has storage space for spare batteries and memory cards.

It also includes a 128mb smart media card, which is packed with games and software.

This console has also had the screen protector upgraded to a specially cut glass sheet frm America; which gives better clarity and clearer vision of the screen.

For more info, please feel free to message me.

Local collection is welcome.

I will post overseas; postage costs for this can be discussed after the auction."

I am in the UK, but will happily post worldwide.

If for some reason you are having trouble bidding, please let me know and I will try to ammend the listing.
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