F-200 Package Open Video


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Nov 8, 2006
I found this video of some Korean opening the new F-200 on YouTube.


The stylus looks fancy, but I think only one comes in the box. The little thingy for the batteries should come in handy (at least for me).

Originally, I was gonna ask if Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles worked on the new unit, but it looks like the demo comes packed in the unit and works :D For some reason the guy picked the game and it looks like it runs with no problems (phew~!!).

Sigh... hope we don't have to change all the graphics to "Press Home"... The blue LED looks cool, and I was 99% sure the guy was putting the SD Card wrongly, but it did fit in the end :p

Anyone knows of any other videos?
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Nice, they included a paper manual this time around. Also, a little silk strip to get the batteries out easier! :)

Browsing the main menu items definitely should have been animated though. It would have made it seem so much more polished.

Is it me, or is the SD card inserted horizontally flipped 180 degrees compared to the F100?

Anyway, neat. Now make it black!