F-100 Vs F-200

What should I go with?

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I have been toying with the idea of getting a GP2X for a while now, and I finally have enough extra cash reserves to do so. Although F-100s are not readily available anymore, gp2xstore.com is selling them refurbished for $100. My question is whether or not the F-200 is worth the extra $70. My only real problem with buying a refurbished F-100 is that I doubt there is a guarantee on the model. I've heard there are some issues with the LCD on MK1 models. So what do you guys think?
If you're a coder, you might want to go with an F100 (you can't telnet into an F200, which can be a bit of a pain in the arse). Otherwise, F200 all the way. The touchscreen is awesome for ScummVM, and the d-pad, although not perfect, is a hell of a lot better than the F100's stick IMO.
I voted for the F200, which I own and love.

But, If I didn't have a GP2X, I'd have a hard time passing up the F100 for a hundred bucks. Why take a risk of $170, when you can give it a shot for $100? For all you know, you may not like the GP2X regardless of the model number.

Whatever you do, you probably want to decide soon. At that price, those F100s won't be around too long.
From my point of view :
Unless you're going to use it heavily for applications that make use of touchscreen ; get the F100.

Of course ; unless you tried and didn't like the F100 joystick and want one with a d-pad. I like the F100 controller ; anyway

If these aren't for you ; I personally don't think it's worth paying more

(I wouldn't add this but couldn't help saying white consoles looks horrible to me)
They do not say whether they're MK1 or MK2.

They are, supposedly, factory refurbished units. They do not come with a box, documentation, or any accessories.
I shot an email to gp2xstore.com so hopefully they will be able to tell me whether or not the refurbs are MK1 or MK2. But I must ask: do F-100s support SDHC? Large capacity SD (non-SDHC) are still rather expensive, so that definitely has some influence on my purchase. The touch screen isn't really a priority but the d-pad looks nice.
phantomaniac said:
But I must ask: do F-100s support SDHC?
No support out of the box, but there is an unofficial patch by notaz (one of the most skilled people in the GP2X scene).

Find out more here.

I actually tried it for the first time yesterday and it works great!
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Go for the F200 as I can see many more touchscreen games being available in the future. I own both the F100 and F200 and love both but the F200 is just better in nearly every respect in my opinion. I dev for the 2X and I am currently working on three touchscreen games and I know a few other people who are doing the same.
Definitely F200 if you are not a coder. There are already some great touchscreen games and I think Ruckage is right, we will see more sweetness in the near future.
I'm in the huge minority, but I prefer the stick on the F-100 as opposed to the d-pad on the F-200. I'd go with the F-100 for the cheaper price as a trial and then sell it (for a F-200) if you really end up not liking the joystick (as many have not).

I guess I'm just used to the GP2X, but after trying out a few emulators on the PSP, I couldn't get used to the d-pad.
pughead said:
I'm in the huge minority, but I prefer the stick on the F-100 as opposed to the d-pad on the F-200.
You're in a minority but not alone. Me too...
I also like the possibillities of the stick click.

But overall I think the F-200 is the best choice for a non-developer.

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I got a response back from gp2xstore.com and he said that most of the refurb units were MK2 (although I guess there's still a chance I could get a MK1). I'm leaning more towards the F-200 right now because I'm guaranteed a warranty and SDHC support. The dpad and touchscreen are just bonuses. Thanks for all of your input. I should make my final decision by this weekend.
Orange Pumpkin said:
Why is F-100 beter for developers ?? And generay programing ??
"Posted Feb 8 2008, 11:35 AM"
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