eMMC: speed, capabilities, etc?




I've been wondering what to expect of the Pyra's eMMC.
What are the raw transfer speeds (read/write, sequential/random)?
Is there any wear-leveling? Does it have TRIM?
Is it SLC, MLC, TLC? How many write cycles could I expect from a flash cell?

Maybe I should just ask for the data sheet (didn't find it in the wiki), but I'm not sure I'd be able to interpret it correctly.
The question I'm trying to answer for myself is if it's sufficiently faster and durable enough to justify using it instead of an expendable µSD card.
Is there any wear-leveling?
You always have wear leveling, the question is how it's implemented. eMMC is just that: an embedded MMC card - it has a full featured FTL like any other SD card, while the directly accessed NAND of the Pandora is taking care of wear leveling in software via its specialized filesystem.