Downloading games


Still Fresh
Sep 9, 2002
I just bought a GP32 and love it. Is there a way to put the games i own on one big SM Card? I also see download sections on alot of sights, how do you get these games and demo's to run? (Snow White, Aquarium, Magnify, etc.)


I need detailed instructions on how to do this. This is what i'm doing, maybe you can tell me what i'm doing wrong.
1. Download file (Snow White for this example) but any file is the same problem for me.
2. save file in F:\program files\GamePark\GP32 PC-Link Host\Data (i tried every folder and every drive on my pc, no luck)
3. Run PC link host software
4. As per instructions click on Fpk file and click on install through pc link host file menu
5. Menu pops up searching for a Zpk file not Fpk file
6. Pull hair out and run back to message board waiting for replies.

I'm missing something very easy as i see no one else is having this problem. The installer looks for no other file than a Zpk file and i haven't seen one yet.


Sep 2, 2002
I'm pretty sure you got a USB link that connects to your gp32 in one side and computer in the other.

with a PC link software provided by Game Park or other GP32 related websites, you can upload files you have on your hard drive to your SMC card.

but as in demoz and free stuffs, you will need a free launcher, which im unsure where to get... prolly around GP32 related websites like this.

there are bunch of official softwares just like above. like image/text viewer, and movie player (movie player is not free btw)

anyway, best regards.