Dj software on panda?

Just to have all information in one thread:


There's many libraries aside "real" programs.

There's a shipped slack-desc description in it. Like this one:

Will think about it. May be tricky.

And this link about the supported dependencies from the OP Wiki port request page:

...btw... playing 2 tracks i.e. MP3s simultaneously with pitch/sync funktion doesn't need much hardware. Maybe someone could create a solution of his own.

2 Deck MP3/Flac/Wave/Ogg player with pitch control for each track and sync/CUE point function. Control via external USB/midi controller or with our native OP pads, buttons and nubs!!! A nice GUI with coverflow and for creating playlists.

This would last to "Pocket-DJ" at any party. Of course i'd love to control them via Vinyl Emulation à la Rane Serato Scratch but that's where the needed big hardware specs come to topic.

Maybe a new solution will be even easier than the already overloaded Mixxx which is meant for actual equipped PCs or MACs...


Beat =)
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If composite ever reaches some level of usability, a pandora build would be great.

From the specs:

>The UI shall be optimized for a netbook with a 7-in. screen of 800x480 pixels

>Enable real-time, useful editing that is beneficial to a DJ or musician in a real performance.

>Provide an interface to freely mix and assemble various library components (sequences, loops, samples)

>Minimum requirements: 500 MHz processor, 196 MB RAM, Running X11 with a lightweight

It's a rather ambitious project, essentially a minimal version of Ableton Live.

Perhaps by the time I get my pandora it'll be in at least a beta state.

Also, has anyone built jack, dssi, or lv2 for pandora?
Jack can be built easily, the problem is that internal Pandora soundhardware doesn't seem to play nice with it :(

LinuxSwat experimented a bit with external usb soundcards and said they are mappable but I just couldn't map any internal input or output of the Pandora to anything.
What about now that Android is available on Pandora ... apps like DJ Studio

These would run, right?
It is good, I have it on my phone. I don't have my Pandora yet but I think I recall someone confirming for me that it does work..

ill try dig out that post..
Sunvox I have on my phone too, more production again though than mixing eh.. Think the op wants some mixing ware, like virtual dj and the likes.. Load up 2 MP3 files and mix them up.

Plenty apps like this on Android though so those might be an option, I'm not in a position to test though, sadly.
I hope it`s ok to bring this topic up again.

Now, that a few more people will have a second audio-output with the help of the EXT-Connectors

a DJ Software will become more and more relevant again.
Again not DJ exactly, but music creation tool...

KORG DS-10 might be worth checking out on DraStic.

I had this on my old DS and was not too bad.

Got myself a Kaossilator though and used to just play on that when fancied some sound effects fun
Still desperately hoping for pure data it's no dj software pur sang but It would be a hell of a lot of fun on a pandora!
I have the audio-part running on slackware (needs jack2 and --disable-alsa in the compile).

Haven't gotten the full pd-extended to work though. As that has a lot of very nice plugins I will prefer that over having a bunch of loose plugins as I have now.

After I graduate I hope to have more time for this and will look in to making a .pnd (probably separate one for jack2) and eventually with pd-extended.
@dreamer: Nice to read that you made jack2 running. Did it work for you with internal soundcard or with USB soundcard only like for LinuxSwat? (AFAIK he ran just jack - not jack2)

I don't want to derail this thread. Maybe we can continue here:

Jack audioserver on Pandora
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Better than Sunvox in Userfriendly, is the KorgDS10 Synthesiser for Nintendo DS, which runs good on the drastic DS Emulator on the Pandora..., it has a lot Features, like Drumm Machine, Sequencer, diverent Keyboards etc..

Im search for a E-Guitar and Bass Amp software for the Pandora, which runs whit the Rocksmith Kabel ..

Rackarack could work, but it needs the Alsa Mixer ..
Yes it think it was jack..
But the Pandora as E-Guitar Amp whit the Rocksmith Cable would be realy cool..
I have also a Akustik Bass which dosnt need a amp, but whit these effecs on Rackarack it would be great..
the Rocksmith Cable
What is this? some kind of usb-sound-card with 1 input in the form of a 1/4 jack cable?
The pandora already has a line-in, so I don't see why you would need such a cable.

I've already plugged in a guitar and routed it through jack, the biggest problem is latency, which theoretically could be lower than the 21.3msec I have now.