Deleting Files in Wiz


Still Fresh
May 18, 2009
Is it possible to delete files within the Wiz? I've tried to delete some unwanted files via my computer but I can't delete them because they are read-only even if I am deleting them as root. So is it possible to delete files within the Wiz itself?
No, I don't think that is possible. What file do you want to delete? Is it on the user NAND or on the root file system? And how do you try to delete the files? Using a serial connection?
I was able to delete some of my files via Windows. For some weird reason they always show up as read only in Ubuntu and I can't do anything with them if I'm root or not. Oh well I was able to upgrade my version of Mame and I've installed Neo Geo CD. Gonna give that a spin. I wish there were a way to delete files within the Wiz. Think it could happen with a later firmware release?
Yeah it's unlocked. idk why Ubuntu doesn't like the Wiz. Oh well it works fine and am able to delete non corrupted files via Windows. The funny thing is that the files became corrupted when I was trying to delete them in Ubuntu.