Corrupted Sd Cards And Gp2x


chai chai chai chai chai chai chai chai chai chai
Nov 24, 2003
Wrentham, MA
well I have a really shitty digital camera that uses SD cards and it likes to corrupt the cards everyonce and a while so I put it in my GP2X after it was in the camera and it started flashing. so long story short, don't use corruted SD cards or you will have to buy a new one

the SD card refuses to mount on my PC too so Im pretty sure it's corrupt
I had pretty much the same problem, when i tryed to format my sd in my camera it cashed the camera and bricked my unit :rolleyes: but i just had a faulty card, not the cameras fault.
For those that don't know already..

Turn your gp2x on then after the menu has loaded put the SD card in and not before.

I will keep posting this in these threads because if it saves one gp2x it will be worth it.
yeah, i wish i had of done that now, anyhow im sending my gp2x back to gbax today to get it repaired :) can't wait to play it.