Coreboot Lands Support For The MSI PRO Z790-P Motherboards


Jan 15, 2011
Haven't seen this one posted before, but Coreboot/Dasharo supports z690-p and z-790p on MSI motherboards and has for some time.

Upstreamed into the Coreboot Git repository this week is the ability to run on the MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4 and DDR5 motherboards for enjoying a latest-generation Intel desktop motherboard that is readily available as an alternative to using the proprietary BIOS implementations.

Thanks to the work of the 3mdeb consulting firm, last year they worked on porting Coreboot to a modern Intel Alder Lake motherboard at the time and one that is readily available in retail channels -- a stark contrast to mainline Coreboot support mostly being found on older platforms, Google Chromebooks, or other select notebooks and other devices but rarely on current consumer-grade desktop motherboards.

It's been great running Coreboot/Dasharo on the MSI Z690-A DDR WiFi motherboard and certainly opens the door for enthusiasts/hobbyists to have the option to experiment with Coreboot on a relatively low-cost motherboard.

Since then there's been, of course, newer motherboards coming to market to pair optimally with Raptor Lake. Dasharo has managed to get Dasharo/Coreboot working on the MSI PRO Z790-P DDR4/DDR5 motherboards and have upstreamed their work into Coreboot.

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