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May 30, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
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Ive updated the commander genius pnd with a new version based off the latest source.

The big change since the last version is support for the galaxy engine (4,5,6) games.

1. If you never have used it start at step 2.

If you have a previous version installed rename the cgenius appdata to something else

2. Run the pnd once so it can copy files from the pnd into the appdata.

3. Copy keen data over from the old appdata to the new.

4. Run it :)

The PND already contains the freeware demos which includes Keen 1 and 4. It also includes a Modification of Keen 4, which is in the Keen 7 directory. So even if you dont have the retail data you can give it a try.

The PND also contains the High Quality Pack which replaces some graphics and adds music. These can be turned off from within the engine.

I tested Keen 1-5, since I dont have 6, so if anyone can verify it id like to know if it works. (Then you can sell me your copy ;-) )
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Sorry. that version of the engine are you using?

I'm really excited about this engine :D
It plays very well and I rated 5/5 on the repo.

Amusing run n jump. Great gameplay and audio and no problems saving progress.
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I played Keen 4 alot back in the old days on my 386. :) Great thing is, I still have the 3,5" Floppy Disk with my old Savegames and it's still working (my PC has an floppy drive )

I used the data once at the GP2X for testing, also worked good. I really should try it on QEmu/Dosbox on the Pandora. But this port here also sounds interesting, want to see the differences compared to the original Dos Games. I guess it should run much faster than under DosBox at least. ^^
What setting are you running it on? 16:10 and what res? 

I've noticed the slight delay between button and action.. is that something we can improve to lower the latency?
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Keen 6 is not working for me :( Keen 4 and 5 do. It just doesn´t start and instead crashes CGenius. With DosBox on the PC it works...

I have all the files of Keen4-6 in one folder and not in seperated subfolders as suggested, maybe that´s why?

Almost finished Keen 4 again :D haha. Still plays so well - if only Keen could take at least 1 or 2 gratuitous hits, like Mario ;)

EDIT The video settings I have on my CC are


FPS 60

special FX: on

Aspect Corr: 4:3

scaler: none

Vsync: off

size: 800x600

Go Windowed

^^I´ve simply fiddled around a bit until I had fullscreen :)

IMO the player needs to change "controls => buttons". I have taken some random letters as up left, up right, bottom left, bottom right (letters A, S, Y, X) and then the right button cross was free for

jump: key X

pogo stick: B

shoot: A

Interesting self-observation: In the 1990ies I tended to name savegames after songs that were my then-favourites.

Nowadays I just use day+month+year :D

And in 20 years from today?
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Thanks for this.

For me keen6 does not show up in the list, I have it in its own directory like the others.

Does the engine also support keen3.5 (Keen Dreams)?
Hi, and thanks for this great release. I just finished to play Keen 1 and I want to play Keen 2. What should I do? I placed the files inside the Keen 2 folder, but when I start the game it falls back to desktop...