Beta Colem-Port Of Zx81 Slightly Modified

Discussion in 'Software Releases' started by lomaxx, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Aug 22, 2010
    I made a small modification of zx81's port of Colem (Colecovision Emulator). This version supports a simple feature where you can pass a path/romname to the binary in order to directly run a game without showing the splashscreen or the menu before.

    What I actually did was:

    - got the sourcecode from
    - made the modifications shown in this diff-file:
    - compiled a binary with the cdevtools.pnd. The binary is available here:

    Just a small feature and not very nice modification-code, but I am already happy that i managed to understand the sourcecode and the C-language that far to get this done. Took me a whole day.

    Don't mix this up with skeezix's port of Colem.

    zx-81's port is available here:

    If you want to use this binary, then simply copy it into the appdata-folder of the emulator ("colem"). This is probably only of interest to developers, as you have to use this change in conjunction with a script or launch-application. I myself needed it to use the emulator with my private launcher-python-application named "claunch", which i am still developing slowly (very slowly) in the background.

    I won't release a pnd so far. Although at the moment I prefer to run zx-81's port as it runs in fullscreen, in the end it would be better to get fullscreen-mode running in skeezix's port as that is the linux-version of Colem. zx-81 used the psp-port, which offers less hotkey-functions. Also someone on this forum reported that skeezix's port offers a more accurate sound-emulation.
    Maybe both versions can be merged, maybe changing just skeezix's port is less work. Maybe I will try. Maybe I will fail. ;)

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