Circus Charlie score not recorded


Still Fresh
Mar 24, 2010
Hey all,

I just beat the Circus Charlie high score, but after waiting for the upload to finish and refreshing the high scores, my score doesn't appear.

Checking the c4a website doesn't show my score either, in fact there is no record of me even playing the game.

My Wi-Fi was on all the time I was playing and I exited with Fn+Q, I haven't had any problems like this until now.

Any ideas what went wrong?
Try a different game see if that works, if it does then try Circus Charlie again.
Apart from the known DigDug issue recently, I think this happened to me once with Ghost 'n Goblins, I always try to get close to my router when I'm exiting a game now, although I suspect it might not be the actual cause.
Played it again earlier and it worked fine, doesn't explain what happened last night though.

Wi-Fi signal was perfect last night, no problems.  It might just be a one off, but it's discouraging to think that I could spend hours trying to beat the high score in a game only to not have it recorded.
I did notice yesterday that for maybe 10 minutes or so I couldn't refresh the boards.openpandora page - checked the c4a scoretable page and it was similarly unavailable, then both worked normally. I suspect that any interrupted access that coincides with trying to upload a score could be a problem?
This is certainly possible, Asmo.

I have gotten done out of high scores before, too, and it is very upsetting.

There realy needs to be a way to save the scores and play offline, and then have it synch up when you go online.  That way you don't lose a score.