Buying OpenPandora Box from Bro Ekianjo


Mar 12, 2014
Just bought OpenPandora box from bro Ekianjo in Japan

It arrived in Malaysia with no problem at all. I'm really stunned by the artwork, truly amazed

Bro Ekianjo and TraylorPark really nailed it. I really hope I can buy Pyra from you too, bro. USA and Germany are much too expensive in shipping cost

just a little Japanese: EvilDragon [Akuryuu in Japanese], anata honto subarashii ne, boku wa Pyra o mattemasu, community no minna san, minna wa honto shinsetsu to jouzu desu ne. Ekianjo no aniki, Pyra o tanomimasu

Thank you again bro Ekianjo for the stylus and Idolmaster 2 figurine :wub:

Is it actually made of wood like the website says?  It really really looks like cardboard.
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Oh thank you.  Ekianjo's random box of Japanese things are much cooler than I was expecting.
it is made of wood with artwork sleeve. Box are very lightweight and sturdy

artwork is top notch, really2 better than any of game console boxes that I've ever seen
I'm glad you guys like it!

Ekianjo made a brilliant decision when he decided on those wooden boxes :)
bro traylorpark, i wonder if I could get the jpeg file of your artwork on open pandora japanese box as a wallpaper, maybe the size of halfHD 1280x720?