Broken Pandora


Jun 17, 2012
Hello Ed
Just wondered if I could send you my somewhat broken pandora for you to have a look at.
Sure. As you mentioned that it was working when you received it, I doubt it's something serious.
I can't find the other topic but I am very interested because I had a similiar case (I think I already told on the other topic BTW :p). Did you fixed it @aholmes @EvilDragon? Can you share what the problem was and how did you fix it? OFC, if you can... ;).

Thank you!
Fixed aholmes Pandora yesterday. It had a broken bootloader, so a reflash with our testing card was all it needed.

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Thank you for the information! Is there any way to do it without the testing card?
You can flash your own rescue card, maybe, if you're lucky!

I never got around to doing anything about my 1GHz yet...

Questions still standing from that thread:
Is it possible to make a rescue card that just shows whether the Pandora is alive, without reflashing anything?
And what is the key combination to boot a rescue card?

If we don't succeed at making one, ED, can you supply ready-made rescue cards? If that solves the problem, it makes more sense than mailing the Pandora.
I can create and supply rescue cards, yes.
And you don't need to flash the OS, you can simply boot it up and test everything and that's it.
Great! So what should I do if I would like one?

And before that, how exactly do you boot a rescue card? (Previously I was unable to boot a home-made rescue card on the known-working Pandora; but I had 5 different answers regarding how, and even if one is correct, that makes it difficult!)
Hi ED, please can you have a look at my above post?

(Hmm, looks like I abandoned my broken GHz Pandora in a cupboard for another year ;) )

Alternatively, please could you share your rescue card image so we can try to make that one ourselves? (ingoreis's image didn't work for me, but sounds like yours is different)
Hi @EvilDragon , I know you're really busy, but you first offered to mail the old one in April 2018. Something that already exists would be better than something that might be finished sometime...