Broken GP32 for sale


Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2004
I've been trying to sell this thing for the last 2 weeks. Now i'm really desperate. I'll take any offer given.

LCD is broken. the firmware is the multiware by Spik, and it has the gp32 firmware set to it's default. The firmware can be changed by holding select. the gp32 functions fine, but the screen is broken. i can use it as an mp3 player if I wanted to, but I already have one.

I don't quite understand what you are asking for. the screen is broken and doesn't display anything but random multi colored lines. if you are asking for the screen's condition (scratches) I have a picture from thw previous owner, (the pic before I broke it) The condition of the gp32 is the same is in the pic I have, except the screen doesn't work.

Pic available upon request, leave an email addy.

Um, so is the LCD broken or the actual hardware??
BTW: How did it break? Did it just come like that?
Well, if one of your buttons is broken or something occasionally rattle, it is possible that something is hitting the lcd, mine was like that from the r button piece that broke off wedging. lol, everytime I'd hit the R button it would mess up the screen.

just a thought!
well the hardware is fine. the screen is just dead. I read a guide on how to dye the gp32, so I took it apart and dyed the buttons silver. but when I put it back together, the screen no longer worked. I'm guessing it's fixable, but I'm getting pissed of because I've tried fixing it for a while now.

But yah, it Works. I can play mp3s on it easily.

turn it on
press select
press start (now your i nthe mp3 player mode)
press A (plays teh first mp3 on the list)

Yah, I do that, and I can listen to mp3s. Thats great, but since the screen is dead, I can't tell what song it is without listening to it first.

So what are your offers? cheap gp32, or a fully functioning mp3 player :p

BTW: I live in Oak Harbor, WA if you want to calculate shipping.

its a non-flu, and I can't put it on ebay, because my parents don't like me to sel things there. I got ripped off on ebay once, and my parents know that, so they no loger trust it ^_^'