Bricked Wiz


Still Fresh
Apr 16, 2010
Hi guys i've been meaning to send my wiz off to the gph aftersales center, but the truth is I dont really need my wiz anymore. So I am going to sell it soon, i will be selling it as soon as possible (through ebay using paypal). I would like about £40 for it because it is in great nic apart from being bricked. I'm not sure how much the after sales center is but according to the reply I had from somone on this forum apparantley it is around £8. Bear in mind I will sell it as spares and repairs incase it is unable to be fixed, but i know some of you might even be able to fix it yourself. It comes with the original box, instructions, cd and cable. It's in great nic and i'm also gonna include a sandisk 8gb SDHC class 2 card as well. If you are interested pm me or post here. Also it is past the one year warranty just so you know.

Thanks guys.
I'm sorry to say it is no longer for sale- a friend of mine fixed it. Sorry I should have updated this thread, I forgot about it.