Bluetooth Headphones


Mar 14, 2007
I was just enlightened by a pair of these on a TV show and thought that it was a great idea for my Pandora. I currently have a cheapo pair tied to the strap, and it's quite bulky.

Any idea if these things work? I recall there being a bluetooth chip on the device but maybe I was wrong.

If it would work, any restrictions as to which companies? I guess the bluetooth protocol is somewhat widespread so there might be some standardization on sound or something.

I really have no idea what's going on with anything I just said.
Thank you, that helped a lot. There is one issue though. The file MarioPandio linked to was hosted by MegaUpload. Is there another copy of that somewhere, since it is just a config file?

The .asoundrc file that you need to modify is in the /etc/ folder, I would post a pre modified version but evildragon currently has my Pandora. Modification instructions are located here also if you want to get speaker audio back then you will have to restore your original .asoundrc file. Hope that covers everything.
Okay I bought a pair of Rocketfish bluetooth headphones. Got them paired and connected, and I put that config file together.

Every player plays to the speakers, BUT: I can do this:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=bluetooth <song.mp3>

This actually plays to the headphones! It's actually really cool. The only problem is that it crashes whenever it switches to another song or when I try to skip through a song, so it's not really usable :(

EDIT: I made some progress. I notice that other people are having similar problems:


We should make a list of what works. I have a pair of backbeat Headphones and after following this thread:


I was able to get them to work with mplayer and mplayer alone. Unfortunately mplayer crashes my system after the first song of a playlist when playing through bt. I got sick of playing with it at that point since I do have the bt adaptor that came with the backbeats anyways. However, I know some people got some headsets to work with exaile.

Mine was skipping, too, so I thought it might be the clock speed. Overclocked to 600Mhz and not only does it play seamlessly but I can also use the controls and it plays more than one song, so basically perfect!

I only wanted it for music anyway, and I have a library script I wrote that uses mplayer, so I'll just transfer that over and use that. Only negative thing I can think of is that maybe the battery life would be lower with bluetooth enabled and the pandora overclocked.
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So mplayer worked for an entire album, then when I went to listen to a second it returned to not working.

I see we are using libmad for the playback for MPEG and Vorbis streams, but it attempts to run libavcodec/ffmpeg libraries in the process. What I'm thinking I'll try to do is attempt to get libavcodec running as the codec by either recompiling or probing around at the PND for the CodecPack.

I'm going to bump this just to get a small bit of advice about my plans. Is this a good idea or a waste of time?

EDIT: I found a much better solution. I installed XMMS, and with the right plugins, it works great. I might consider converting this to a PND if there is enough demand for one. Make sure to select the "ALSA" output in the XMMS preferences.

Here is the command that will get you what you need for music (mpg/ogg, there are more input plugins if you look at Angstrom's package repo:

# opkg update

# opkg install xmms xmms-plugin-input-mpg123 xmms-plugin-input-vorbis xmms-plugin-output-alsa
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