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Jul 16, 2008
I'm trying to get my new Backbeat 906 Bluetooth headphones to work with my pandora.

I've done as suggested in this thread:
to no avail.

Even if I was able to get the above hacky solution to work, it requires files to be renamed (which a script could do, I know) and a reset to be preformed each time you switch from bluetooth to speakers or vise versa (unless, as mentioned in the following link, a restart of the alsa server would suffice, which could also be controlled via script). There has to be a better way, a more automatic way.

While playing around with .asoundrc and reading about it here:
I noticed the existence of /ect/bluetooth/audio.conf
and /ect/alsa/bluetooth.conf
also theres the /etc/asound.conf file.
I played around with them a bit but with my limited understanding I didn't get very far. Is there any plans to make audio out to bluetooth a stock process not requiring changing of files and what not? I don't see it in the bug tracker. Does anyone know if the above referenced files can be used to output audio to bluetooth in a more hands free automatic way, and if so, how?

I searched the forums for all the answers I could about this and I apologize if this already has a better fix or on-going topic.
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