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May 30, 2006
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skeezix said:
I'm jotting these ideas down in my todo-lists, but it'll be awhile as I've got a lot on the go.

I've always thought it could get out of control when against a healing opponent; an idea I had was always to have a certain minimum amount of damage always get through, but that didn't feel right either; it might be the best way is to just make it so the opponent cannot be a pure-healer (except perhaps in player2player head to head), but creeps with healing sidfe effects would be okay provided its not out of control.

Ahhh, balancing, what a PITA :)


Maybe you should have a moving absolute limit for health, like if a player is damaged the total hp that can be recovered would be lowered.
For example say a player has 50 hp and takes 10 hp of damage, and 5 that was permanent. So the total would be lowered to 45, so when the player healed it would only heal from 40 to 45.
This also might help speed games along.
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Jun 7, 2009
I was just playing, and it has pit me, a level 7 Gladiator, against a level 10 Skelly.
That's too much, it has like 300+ HP, and over-powered spells that can deal 15HP direct damage and grants multiple free turns.
Undead Will 3 needs a nerf maybe, I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get its health down, it's reducing my HP and increasing its own far FAR too quickly.


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Mar 11, 2003
One idea I had but never really implemnted, was to allow certain kinds of gear changes mid-battle; ie: weapon switch (or perhaps let the player pick some preferred gear-sets and switch betwene preferred pre-defined sets, with a between-battle menu to let you define sets.) The idea being you could build a set 'for versus undead' and 'for versus healers', etc, and throw a pile more gear in with attributes like 'when this weapon deals damage, it prevents healing for X turns', or 'limits the amount of healing by 50%' and various effects like that. So sometimes you'd just get into the wrong fight (a bad roll gets you a higher level guy you're not equipped to fight) but an experienced player mightr have already bought some backup weapons, so that he stands a chance.