Awesome computer cases


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Mar 8, 2008
Having exclusively been a laptop user for the majority of my computing life, interesting casings have never really factored into my computer use. I've always enjoyed looking at them, though, and that was rekindled lately when I realised that I could do something fun when I switch to using a Raspberry Pi as my main computer.

I've since exhausted most of the listings of interest on (I particularly liked the "800MHz Teddybear" and "BBC ITX B"), but just came across these very fancy cases, by a chap named Jeffrey Stephenson. I'm amazed by how good they look.

Has anyone else seen any particularly noteworthy computer cases, of late?
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I saw one some years ago with an etched panel with an image of Mega Man on it (which, and I may be misremembering this part, might have had LEDs behind it to light it up), but that's the only one that I know of!
Can the Pi handle video out over USB?

If so would it be possible to squeeze one into a largeish (working) mouse?
I have no idea. I would imagine it might be a bit too heavy, but you never know. That's a question for the folks behind it, I'd imagine, as it does have a very beefy GPU.

Finding a suitable mouse is probably easier. :p
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Ok, heres an idea for a rasberry Pi:

find one generic looking tower case

and one ancient/worn-out/broken CD drive

remove the actual disk reader from the CD drive

fit rasberry Pi into CD tray with wires running out to sockets at the back of the PC case (so the tray movement still works(to show people the actual computer))

fit a USB harddrive and real CD drive into the case and tuck all the wires away neatly.


dismember a mini-fridge

insulate most of the case

put the heat-exchange grill next to the fan grill (with fan) (maybe in the psu space)

have fun confusing people by using your computer as a drinks cooler!
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Some great links, folks - thanks. :D

@Binky - I just found this. It's a giant mouse for making your RPi-in-a-mouse. :p